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Urban Voodoo Machine Plaedhe Campaign

The Urban Voodoo Machine have launched a Pledge campaign for their new album. It's recorded, the artwork is done but they're needing funds for manufacture and promotion. There's a limited vinyl pressing on 100 and you get your name in the credits. I've pledged for one! Recommended you grab one now. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/theurbanvoodoomachine for more information.

USA punk 7″

Acquired some rare USA punk 7" by the likes of: Boils, Those Unknown, Ducky Boys, F-Minus and quite a few very rare Dropkick Murphys goodies, all in at least EX condition. You'll have to wait for the next newsletter/update for them to appear.

The next newsletter will include lots of USA hardcore LPs

The next newsletter which should follow soon will include a good selection of rare early to mid-80s USA hardcore LPs. Some good rartities amonsgt them like this Toxic Reasons Kill By Remote Control LP with the poster!

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