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Crashed Out’s Xmas Bash

Crashed Out have their annual Xmas bash on Friday 28th December at The Office in South Shields with support from Hi-Fi Spitfires, Underline Hero and Minnie. First band is on at 7pm and tickets are £5.

Bin Liner Records

Bin Liner Records have the Pork Dukes, Jimmy Edwards and more playing at the Boston Arms in London on Friday 9th November. Tickets are just £8 on the day, doors open 7:30.

The Lurkers back as God’s Lonely Men

Three of The Lurkers are back as God's Lonely Men and they have a new album out. I don't know why they just don't joing forces with Arthur and do it properly. They've got a new album out called Chemical Landslide in a very unimaginative cover. Here's the official press release: The Lurkers were one […]

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