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Penetration play Perth 23/4/10

Penetration play an intimate gig at the Corinna in Perth on Friday 23rd April with supports from The Media Whores and Punk Rock iPod. The venue holds little more than 100 people so if you want to go you'll need to be quick as it's advance tickets only, which are available from: GROUCHOS Dundee 01382 […]

BBC 6 Music to be closed

I'm dismayed and disgusted to hear that BBC6 Music is to be closed. Radio 1 just plays kiddie music these days, since Peel died and Lamacq moved on it's not been worth listening to, Radio 2 is just too conservative, BBC Radio Newcastle plays nothing but oldies, therefore BBC 6 Music became my station of […]

Newsletter mailed 1st March

The latest newsletter is winging its way to subsribers, at least those that don't have it caught by the spam filters. It's the largest one i've sent, over 700 new items. I'll update the site on Wednesday or Thursday with what's left.

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