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New Studs, Spikes and Merchandise Site

A new site has appeared, based in the UK and run by Vincent Wonnacott, now in his 40s and set up as a hobby following his life long love of the old school punk era that made such a difference to his childhood. Studs and Spikes is aiming to offer the largest studs and spikes […]

PIL items added

I've finished adding all the PIL 12" and LPs from the large collection I bought. They'll be on the next newsletter and update. I'll then start work on the 7". There's plenty more Sex Pistols 12" and LPs to add, expect to see them added over the next three months. Once done I'll then start […]

Green Street 2 Trailer

The trailer for Green Street 2 is now out. See the trailer here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=O6MlfBh2854 Hope you recognise the music, it's none other than Goldblade with 'Riot Riot' from their album 'Mutiny'.

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