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Freshies, Sievery, Sidebottom images added

Images have been added to the Freshies and related (Chris Sievey, Frank Sidebottom) items. On the next newsletter/update will be a set of the Japanese reissues on 1977 Records, I've managed to secure a small quantity of them, they're long since deleted. Click the following links for more information on the Freshies click here and For […]

The 1234s Newcastle 13th March

Last night I went to the 1234s at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle. The band started as a splinter from the Matinee Orchestra and are nothing like them. This is far more pop, no instrumentals, sometimes with a rockier vent as in i and other times more soulful as with You Do Something To Me. […]

Images Added To Cds

All the CDs now have images attached to them. Click on the thumbnail to bring up a bigger picture of any cover. I've also added more information, changes prices and corrected a few typos.

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