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Rollins Newcastle Academy 31st January

Henry Rollins is doing a spoken word tour and playing Newcastle Academy on Thursday 31st January. However, the tour goes to everywhere from South Africa to Spain! For those of you who haven't seen his spoken word performance it's actually very funny and he covers very many topics, not just punk rock. Here's a review […]

Matt Black & The Doodlebugs ‘Punky Xmas’

Came across this rather dreadful video for the punk novelty 7" by Matt Black & The Doodlebugs. Quite why they should have done this video 30 years after the fact is beyond me. If anyone wants a copy of this dreadful single I have one for sale here. Don't all rush at once!

Japanese Whaling Bastards

A totally different topic for a change. I see those Japanese whaling fleet bastards are out again decimating the whale population. I think it's totally wrong and I've joined the campaign to collect a million signatures in protest at: www.whalesrevenge.comĀ  and made a donation to Sea Shepherds. Please support this campaign.

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