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Rebellion Festival Highlights

Posted on August 15, 2007
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I thought I'd write a little bit about some of the bands I saw at Rebellion Festival.

Not much happened on the Thursday. Fire Exit seem to play there every year, not bad for a band who have made a career out of one 500 only 7" record. I thought they were boring and what was the point of the Del Shannon cover version? There was a good crowd watching them which is more than can be said for the infitnitely better Flamingo 50 who are a fine band but tonight Lou seemed a little subdued and the band weren't at their best.

On Saturday my heart sank when I heard that the lead singer of The Casualties had returned to USA because his dad had died and that the bassist would be singing. I needn't have worried, the set was blinding and the audience response was incredible. What could have turned out to be a disaster turned into a triumph.

Next up were The Subhumans. They never fail to disappoint. The venue was packed and unbearbly hot but it didn't stop Dick putting in 100%.

Then over to the Empress Ballroom to watch TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers perform 'Crossing The Red Sea' and other early tracks. TV looked great as he took to the stage, dressed for the occasion in punk rock garb. As the opening chords to 'One Chord Wonders' struck he came to life like a man possessed and had the audience mesmerised. So much energy!! Punk rock was always his spiritual homeland and it was as if he was returning with 30 years of pent up anger and frustration that exploded that night. I left feeling I'd seen something very special indeed.

A definite honourable mention goes to Oi! parody band Hard Skin who were hilarious. Never thought they worked on record, but live they were very funny and extremely enertaining.

I didn't see them myself, but apparently The Ruts were awful. No original members and those I knew who went left a few songs in.


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