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Ramones ‘Howling At The Moon’

Posted on September 21, 2008
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Adding images to some Ramones items and  I noticed that Howling At The Moon seemed to throw up some interesting variations.

First there's the Swedish 12" pressing which features an exclusive remix and a unique pic cover - how bizarre that would come out exclusively in Sweden! There's also the USA 12" promo that has a really crapp cover with a guitar on, obviously noone in marketing was there for the day so they left it for the tea boy to design in all of 5 minutes.

There's a couple of noteworthy 7" singles as well. The French pressing has a nice band photo cover and is b/w No Go. The Spanish has the same sleeve as the Too Tough To Die album and is b/w Wart Hog.

If you haven't seen the video for it it's here. It's not very good!


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