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Paranoid Visions ‘Operations In The Red Mist’ CD

Posted on August 15, 2010
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Paranoid Visions 'Operations In The Red Mist'


‘Black Operations In The Red Mist’

39 track 2xCD set: 130 minutes:  Label: Overground

Cat. No. OVER 124 CD

Release Date: 16th August 2010

Paranoid Visions, formed in 1981 were part of the early anarcho punk stable of bands...what made them different was that they were from Dublin in Ireland and this isolation resulted in them developing a unique sound.

Their debut 7” The Robot Is Running Amok and their debut LP Schizophrenia were released on The Mob’s All The Madmen label.

During the 1980s Paranoid Visions became a very succesful and borderline mainstream crossover act in their home country turning down several advances from major labels in order to keep the moral highground. Their track Beauty Queen appeared in the 1991 BAFTA winning and Oscar nominated movie The Commitments.
In 2005 the band reformed (having previously reformed for an offered slot on the Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre tour and later for a slot on The Damned's 25th anniversary tour) and since then have been very prolific releasing three singles, two new albums and two back catalogue albums along with a live recording from the early 1990s.

2009 saw their last album Beware Of The God building on their commercial success in Ireland and expanding their fanbase worldwide. The album was voted the 107th best album in the history of Irish music by the Irish music industry.

This year will also see the band’s music appear in two films: 3 Crosses and Little Foxes (Cottbus Film Festival winner).

Black Operations In The Red Mist is a 39 track 2 x CD retrospective packed in a 20 page booklet with detailed band history, included six previously unreleased versions.

Track Listing:
Strobelight And Torture/ Asleep At The Wheel/ Autonomy/ Second Hand Daylight/ Missing In Action/ Ignore It/ Strange Girl/ Acts Of Love/ I Will Wallow/ TV Ads/ Sex Kills/ Vandals/ Don’t Vote For Freedom/ Lies/ Revolution/ Look At Me/ Creeping/ An Bfhuil Tu Sasta/ Home Sweet Home/ Fritzl’s Basement/ Visions/ Cycles Of Christs/ Politician/ Braindance/ The Feast/ The Bombsong/ War Is Over/ Fan The Flames/ Time Bomb/ I Will Wallow (’96 Version)/ Rhythm Of Injustice/ Something More/ Newtownism/ Adventure Playground/ Detention/ City Of Screams/ Against The Wall/ Fences/ Bondage (When We Get Out)


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