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The Membranes play the Universe Explained event in Manchester Sat July 20th

Posted on July 17, 2013
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Follow these links for more details on the event

The Membranes facebook page 

tickets for the event from here

Facebook page for the event

Website for the event

The Membranes, in conjunction with Mancunian artist Michael Trainor and some top scientists, have just announced a very special night at Gorilla in Manchester on Saturday the 20th of July 2013.

John Robb’s legendary post punk outfit (who will perform with ex Fall bassist Steve Hanley) will host a night of great music, in depth conversations with scientists, experiments, art and poetry that will explain the universe, dark matter, the end of time, wormholes and all kinds of universe madness and science.

‘The Universe Explained’ is a very special event that combines science, art experiments, writers, poets and legendary post The Membranes. It’s an event unlike any other that will both explain the complex ideas about the origins of the universe and blow the minds of the audience with brilliant music, film and conversation.

There will be live interviews with key scientists about the latest theories on the universe that attempt to explain how it began, how it will end and all the bits in between. There will be talk of wormholes, dark matter, the Big Bang theory, the billion universe idea and the Higgs Boson particle.

Here is a tiny clip of The Membranes first rehearsal with Steve Hanley on bass- sound is rehearsal room rough but it felt great- intensity levels were high and he got a great bass sound out of a rubbish old amp in the room...

There will also be a series of performances and experiments that will explain the complex in simple ways – a bit like one of those science lectures on TV at Christmas but with live art installations, poetry, particle ping pong and The Membranes (featuring ex Fall bassist Steve Hanley)playing a brand new set of songs to a specially commissioned film about the universe.


1. Prof. John Ellis – leading theoretical physicist from the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will talk supersymmetry and dark matter (plus Q and A)

2. Dr. Radmila Topolovic – Royal Observatory Greenwich explains how we are all from the stars.

3. Dr. Stuart Clark – Astronomer, author and cosmology consultant for The New Scientist discusses the science behind his hugely popular fiction.

4. Jonathon Keats – Artist and Experimental Philosopher from San Francisco will be presenting (via skype) his ‘Pornography for God’ and ‘Microbial Academy’ installations.

5. Suzie Shrubb – composer and musician makes music from pulsars with 16 musicians live on stage.

6. Chella Quint – performs ‘It’s Not You. I Just Need Space.’ (Interplanetary letters of love and rejection)

7. The Membranes – post-punk legends perform a rare gig with John Robb and featuring Steve Hanley (ex –bassist of The Fall)

8. Michael Trainor – artist and writer turns the entire audience into sub-atomic particles and invites them to interact with his homemade Small (cheap) Hadron Collider.

9. Maurice Riordan – professor of poetry at Sheffield Hallam University reads from Dark Matters: Poems of Space PLUS experience the end of everythingin a coffee cup in Alix Poscharsky’s film, a philosophical animation of the universe by Sergio Lombardo, dance and cosmological events collide in performer Natalie Savva’s atmospheric short film and find out what the public actually know about the universe. Additional Universal sounds from DJ Dave Booth.


Buy tickets from the Louderthanwar shop or go to wegottickets

Join the Membranes facebook page now

For updates on gig  www.the-universe-explained.org


Web site updated 11th July

Posted on July 11, 2013
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The site has just been updated with 287 new items, the vast majority punk 7".

There will be no August newsletter.

If anyone would like anything taken to Rebellion Festival then drop me a line.

Newsletter mailed 9th July

Posted on July 9, 2013
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Newsletter mailed today 9th July to subscribers with 353 new items. This newsletter had a big bias towards punk 7", the rarest of them being the Blitzkrieg Bop 7" on Mortonsound.

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