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The Shend’s radio show

Posted on September 7, 2015
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Highly recommended radio show by The Cravats' The Shend

1. Neutral Bombs. Old Inside 2. Rock Bottom & The Spys. No Good 3. Steve & The Jerks. Good Times 4. Chrome. Magnetic Dwarf Reptile 5. Active Non Violence. Bangkit Dan Lawan 6. 'Snots. So Long To The Sixties 7. Titus Andronicus. Dimed Out 8. The Beat. Mirror In The Bathroom 9. Stone The Crowz. Suffer Little Children 10. Darius & The Magnets. Stonesteps 11. The Fall. First One Today 12. Septic Death. Change 13. Lydia Lunch. Fields Of Fire 14. Nic Toczek. Road Crash 15. The Small Faces. Hey Girl 16. Iron Lamb. Dubious Preacher 17. The Slugs. A Meeting



Stone The Crowz ‘Protest Songs ’85 – ’86’ album

Posted on August 30, 2015
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Stone The Crowz Protest Songs '85 - '86


‘Protest Songs 85-86’          

17 track CD OVER 148CD & 16 track LP (clear vinyl + CD) OVER 148LP

“Stone The Crows and fuck the pigs and pass the ammunition...”

1982, Death Church by the magnificent Rudimentary Peni never left our turntables and a year later we would use the above lyric to name our little anarcho outfit. Many thought using the Z to replace the S at the end of Crowz was just a case of punk rock spelling but in fact it was to ensure we were not mistaken for the Glaswegian Blues Rock band of the same name.

Formed in East London / Essex, a mutual love of Crass and all things anarcho first brought Trevor Speed and Trevor Delasalle together and the band was formed. After several false starts with different musicians we finally found what we were looking for in Steve Beatty (drums) and Matthew Sheath (bass). Very quickly we had a set and made our live debut supporting The Subhumans. A baptism in fire, we were mostly awful but had a ball.

In just under a year we were in the studio and recorded our first six track demo in 1985. All the anarcho subjects were covered but with three vegetarians and one vegan in the band our real passion was animal rights.

We played venues in London and the Home Counties with Liberty and Exit-Stance and an Endangered Music tour with The Fiend, Criminal Justice and HDQ.

A second demo with a much angrier feel soon followed. This time the words were backed up with members of the band being involved in hunt sabbing and other forms of direct action. Tracks from both demos ended up of vinyl: Mortarhates’ We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor, Endangered Music’s Relying On Us EP and Punk Lives, Let’s Slam released by Slam Records.

The band disbanded soon after due to the all-encompassing phrase ‘musical differences’ with a metal edge was now being incorporated into the song writing.

NOTE; Steve went on to release the seminal ‘Out From The Void’ EP by Anti-Sect which helped kick start a whole new genre of punk metal/crust which in turn inspired Trev S and Matt to form Axegrinder.

Track Listing:

Skin Deep/ Friendship Through Profit/No More Asking Nicely/ Religion Only Exists/ Skin Deep/ Blood On Your Hands/ New Dawn Of Death/ Cuntstable ‘85/ Deaf To Death/ No way/ No More Asking Nicely/ Religion Only Exists/ Suffer Little Children/ Minds Decayed/ Friendship Through Profit/ Blood On Your Hands (Live)


Steve Ignorant statement on proposed Crass bootleg series

Posted on August 28, 2015
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Cold Spring Records Facebook post on 17th August 2015: We're very proud to announce CRASS have joined COLD SPRING for series of live albums on vinyl and CD - all titles will be also available to download for free. Titles will be announced shortly.

I’d just like to say that I am not, have never been and as far as I’m concerned, never will be affiliated with Cold Spring Records. I have not endorsed the releases and Crass certainly hasn’t. The statement Cold Spring put out on facebook was totally misleading and mis-represented both myself and Crass.
I don’t object to bootlegs, they’ve always been a part of the world I move in, usually produced out of necessity as the official release may be too expensive to import etc., but I do object to being made to look as though I’m officially endorsing something - which then stops it being a bootleg! So now because of all this nonsense if I say I don’t want it released I’m being a selfish bastard, and if I say ok release it then I’m agreeing with all this nonsense. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.
If Cold Spring Records have a conscience they’ll know the right thing to do.
Steve Ignorant

 Steve Ignorant
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