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Generation X ‘Your Generation’ 1st 7″

Posted on September 14, 2009
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Generation X Your Generation white label

Generation X Your Generation white label

Found a copy of the very first and very rare Generation X 7" single Your Generation b/w No No No that the band released themselves in August 1977. The versions are very rough and different to the later Chrysalis versions. I've heard there were only 500 of these, but never seen it documented anywhere.

Mrs Wilson’s Children LP

Posted on September 11, 2009
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Mrs Wilson's Children LP

Mrs Wilson's Children LP

Found one of the rarest minimalist/synth/post-punk compilation LPs 'Mrs Wilson's Children'. From 1981 on Vital Records I think this was their one and only release and limited to just 500.

The artists are: Nyam Nyam, Vets, Defectors, Ashtrays, Londdon Boys, Johnny Solo, Blitzkrieg Patrol, Faux Pas, Psycholgic, Cool To Snog, Human Zoo, Sons Of The Pope.

It'll be included on the next newsletter/update.

Sex Pistols London’s Outrage box set

Posted on September 7, 2009
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Sex Pistols London's Outrage box set

Sex Pistols London's Outrage box set

Here's a mega rarity that seldom turns up, the Sex Pistols London's Outrage box set.

This has been compiled with some care, but I've no idea of the story behind it, quite possibly another Jock MacDonald release.

The contents of this set is as follows, 1. The Power of the Pistols LP. 2. Where Were You In '77? LP 3. DESTROY Anarchy in the U.K. Live at the 100 Clup LP Recorded September 20, 1976. 4. One Long Sleeve, Live At Last London's Outrage T-shirt. 5. One Sex Pistols + The Damned at the 100 Club Poster. 6. Huddersfield Christmas Day single. And 1 individualy numbered gig ticket.

This will be on the next newsletter/update.

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