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Killed By Death & Bloodstains compilations

Posted on January 5, 2010
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Killed By Death #6 'Great Punk Shits'

Back by popular demand after almost all of the previous shipment sold out, I have copies of the remaining Killed By Death and Bloodstains compilations that remain in print.
I can't imagine that there's many people unfamiliar with the Killed By Death series, but it was that series that gave birth to the genre tag kbd which is used to describe obscure/diy punk releases 1977 - 82.

These rare records often sell for hundreds of pounds so compiling them on these cheap LPs was in the pre-download days a very good way of introducing people to these gems.

There's a very informative site dedicated to the compilations here.

The Bloodstains compilations basically ripped off the Killed By Death series idea, but regionalised the music. Learn more about the series here.

These have just been added to the database so won't appear on the site for another 3 weeks, but email me if you're looking for any particular volumes.

Site updated 3rd January

Posted on January 3, 2010
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The site has been updated today Sunday 3rd January with over 370 new items added.

Next newsletter and update in a month's time.

Presents For Sally 7″

Posted on January 2, 2010
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Presents For Sally 7"

A customer has asked me to mention his band, they're called Presents For Sally and they have a 7" out.

My knowledge of current bands is pretty poor, but they remind me of  Slowdive, Chapterhouse or Ride.

Bristol Rock describe it as: Their fuzzy indie-noir immediately brings to mind shoegaze bands from the '90's such as Ride, Galaxie 500 and FUXA - bands who were bridging the gap between post-Smiths structured pop and dreamy drone-rock. I can't disagree with that, so if that's priced your interest click on the above link and listen to their track on MySpace.

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