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Images added to all Billy Idol items

Posted on January 18, 2010
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Billy Idol 'Heroin' USA 12" promo

I've finally got round to adding images to all the Billy Idol items on the site.

Have to say there have been some lovely different ovesreas releases and a lot of intertesting rarities, although his collectability has definitely downhill in recent years.

I think releasing that Xmas album killed his credibility and it's probably time he retired.

Cure Fan Club Cassette

Posted on January 16, 2010
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Now here's a real rarity that'll be on the next update. The 1994 Cure 'Lost Wishes' fan club cassette containing instrumentals of Uyea Sound, Cloudberry, Off To Sleep, The Three Sisters.

I'm surprised in 1994 that they did this as a cassette as Cds had been around for seven years and cassettes were pretty much redundant. Maybe they were much cheaper or maybe it was for the novelty value, who knows?

999 ‘Gimme The World’ tour edition

Posted on January 12, 2010
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999 'Gimme The World' USA tour edition 7"

I've just acquired a few copies of the USA only 2009 tour edition 7" of Gimme The World by 999 on Dr Strange Records, limited to just 300.

It's not really any different, just a variation on the cover. The original pressing had already sold out.

Email me if you'd like one, or they'll be on the next newsletter and web site update.

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