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Black Flag 7″ £2767 !!!!!!!!!

Posted on March 16, 2010
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Black Flag 'Nervous Breakdown'

Chuck Dukowski is selling some of his record collection on Ebay and this sealed copy of Nervous Breakdown sold for a staggering $4200!!

Okay, so it's sealed, that's nice, but the same thing happened with Jeff Nelson's stuff, because it was band owned the prices went sky high. Personally, I'm surprised people care who previously owned it. I wouldn't!

As this record generally sells for about $400, how can it be worth 10x as much? Someone has lost control of their senses!!

Images added to all Grunge items

Posted on March 11, 2010
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1988 Sub-Pop catalogue

Finally, all 331 grunge items in the database have images added to them. The section is looking good!

Next up will be either the gothic or the industrial sections.

Record grooves under an electron microscope

Posted on March 8, 2010
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Ever wondered what record grooves look like under an electron microscope? Visit this site and you'll see and also what CD grooves look like. They're quite arty and I found it pretty interesting.

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