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Site updated 3rd Feb

Posted on February 3, 2012
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The website has just been updated with about 300 new items.

A list of North-East UK Punk & New Wave Bands

Posted on February 2, 2012
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A friend is compiling a list of new wave and punk bands 1977 - 1980 from the north-east of England for a project. If anyone can add any to the list below, please contact him at: thinkpinkfairies (at) aol.com

Marcus Abused
Amazing Space Frogs
Angelic Upstarts
The Beetles
Blitzkrieg Bop
The Carpettes
The Condemned
The Crime
The Cult
Crawling Chaos
Dementia Praecox
The Filth
The Four Plugs
Frenzy Batallion
The Haemorrhages
Harry Hack & The Big G
King Crabs
The Lice
The MPs
Murder The Disturbed
Nicky Beat & The Beatniks
The Noise Toys
No Way
Wavis O'Shave
Pig Sani
The Police
The Proles
Public Sector
Punishment Of Luxury
Red Alert
The Rejects
Scared Bananas
Scottish Polis Inspectors
Showbiz Kids
Soviet France
Spair Pair
The Spares
Suspect Device
Toy Dolls
Treatment Room
The Vomits

Marcus Abused was a bit later (I only know of his track on one vol. of Crass' 'Bullshit Detector' comps.)
Basczax included members of Blitzkrieg Bop but were more Pop than Punk.
Crawling Chaos were more experimental but def with punk attitude: Kraut Punk?
Discharge: Not to be confused with the Stoke band of the same name.
Flesh were more experimental and incl Andrew McKenzie later of Hafler Trio.
King Crabs incl Jimmy Nail.
Nod: Punk poet.
Nothing incl members of Crawling Chaos.
Wavis O'Shave was an eccentric poet / singer. Tho not strictly Punk, he def had Punk attitude.
Soviet France (later Zoviet France) started as a Punk band.

NB: The first issue of 'Smash Hits' incl an article on the NE Punk scene (I kid ye not!)

Newsletter mailed 1st February

Posted on February 1, 2012
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Newsletter mailed to  subscribers, today, 1st February with 352 new items.

This update is a bit more 'new wave' and 'indie' than 'punk' and 'hardcore', but there's still a very good selection.

The site will probably be updated on Friday with what's left.


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