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Sex Pistols ‘Holidays In The Sun’ video

Posted on September 20, 2012
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35 years on from its original release the Sex Pistols classic ‘Holidays in the Sun’ has finally received a promo video. The video – newly edited by long time Sex Pistols collaborator Julien Temple – has been compiled from previously unreleased footage especially for use on the limited edition super deluxe box set ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ to be released September 24th through Universal Music UK.

The song, first released as a single in October 1977, was inspired by the Pistols March 1977 trip to Berlin; where the band had decamped for a few days to help escape media glare after their infamous sacking from A&M Records (after just 7 days).

The Pistols visit to the city – and particularly the Berlin Wall which looked onto the still communist East Berlin – provided John ‘Rotten’ Lydon with his inspiration for the lyrics:

Berlin was a very different town then. It was like that scene in Apocalypse Now when they go up the river and they see the flares and the party going on, all the soldiers on acid… That’s what Berlin was like, with a chaotic war-zone wrapped around it. The Communists were looking in on this adventure playground. Quite mental.”

Prior to their Berlin trip the Pistols had tried a break to Jersey which resulted in them being given 24 hours to leave the Island by local Police. The band then flew into Berlin where footage included in Julien Temple’s new edit was filmed by the band’s tour manager and soundman John “Boogie” Tiberi.

Unlike the Pistols other single’s from ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ (‘Anarchy in the UK’, ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’) no promo video for ‘Holidays in the Sun’ was ever filmed. Although one was planned featuring a recreation of TV holiday adverts of the time. 35 years later video director Julien Temple has been reunited with the Sex Pistols for the first time since 2007 to work on a brand new video edit of ‘Holidays in the Sun’.

Acclaimed for his music video production and documentaries including directing ‘The Great Rock and Roll Swindle’ (1980), The Filth and The Fury (2000) and ‘There’ll Always Be An England’ (2007), Julien Temple has reignited previously unreleased footage of the Pistols playing live in Cornwall September 1977 that never previously had sound, cutting it with John Tiberi’s shots of the band in Berlin back in March 1977.

“The live performance was shot using one camera and shows the extraordinary captivating quality of the band at the time.” recalls Temple. “There was shock in the room, it was hypnotising, contagious, and unfolded right in front of you. It was filmed in Penzance in September 1977, the Pistols arrived unannounced and the audience couldn’t believe what they were getting”.


Paranoid Visions ‘Escape From The Austerity Complex’ album out today

Posted on September 17, 2012
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Out today is the new Paranoid Visions album, limited red vinyl, CD and download. Here's what Louder Than War had to say about it. There's a great interview at withguitars.com that's well worth a read.



Escape From The Austerity Complex’

16 track CD – OVER 130CD - Barcode: 689492126223

12 track LP (coloured vinyl + 16 track CD / booklet)

– OVER 130LP – 689492126216

Release Date: 17th September 2012


Formed in Dublin in 1981, Ireland’s longest running punk band have become increasingly successful, culminating in what has already been described as a “snarling and aggressive lyrically, perfectly bitter, recession-themed album” by State Magazine.

The 16 track album features special guests in the form of Crass’ frontman Steve Ignorant, The Cravats’ vocalist The Shend, the legendary TV Smith and Rubella Ballet’s Zillah Minx and has been mastered by Sid Ation from Rubella Ballet.

The album has already broken mainstream barriers by having two Top 10 Irish singles Politician (from Der Election EP) and the follow-up Outsider Artist (featuring TV Smith both of which, in a huge leap of public support, broke through the X - Factor barrier and nestled at No. 6 in the charts. The band hope the next single taken from the album will also hit number 6, as the 666 reference equates to the devil’s involvement in the rest of the Top 10.

Paranoid Visions have always avoided being genre specific in their musical output and this album is no exception. The contrasts between the 54 second hardcore of Problem with the 6 minute long Killing Joke inspired punk/metal of Nuclear Victims, to the 11 minute long Recession Klub track, (a doom laden reflection on the state of the economy that was described in an early pre-release review as being “a mini-masterpiece that not many punk bands would have the nerve to attempt”) added to the Crass meets The Buzzcocks track Split Personality (featuring Steve Ignorant on lead vocals) and the angular, Wire inspired, Rising Tides give this album an eclecticism that crosses genres, styles and influences.

Clocking in at 69 minutes long the album was clearly too long to fit on vinyl, so the first 12 tracks will feature and the package contains a cd of  the entire album and the 20 page cd booklet to make a beautiful package.

Track Listing:

Austerity Crusade /On The Run /Outsider Artist /Politician /Poles Apart /All Systems Go /Statement Of Intent /Dangerous Rhythm /Split Personality /Tainted Ink /Rising Tide /(Don’t Let The) Rot Set In /Beatenhovans Symphony /Problem /Nuclear Victims (The Bombsong) /Recession Klub

Punk rock started in Peru in 1964

Posted on September 14, 2012
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According to this Guardian feature Los Saicos (The Psychos) were the first punk band. Must be true, there's even a plaque to commemerate the fact!

The video is worth watching. More garage-punk than 70s punk, but we'll give them their moment of fame.

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