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Gold Blade ‘Mutiny’ single

Posted on June 18, 2008
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Here's a missive from the mighty Gold Blade:


'Jukebox Generation' single is just outside the midweek charts top 40!
If you download the single from the links below it may be enough to get it into the charts!
spoiling the charts with our punk rock rackets sounds like fun!
let's do it!

please feel free to send this email to ll your friends or copy and paste it and send it to all your myspace friends or facebook friends...

the charts are shit...let's go to war!!!

Goldblade new single 'Jukebox Generation' - out on June 16th!

Send a message (up the charts!) and get Goldblade into the top 40! With 2000 pre-orders we we will have a top 40 hit! All you have to do is go to the following link and pre order 'Jukebox Generation' for 79p...

Tell yer mates! email everyone you know! bother every message board you can think of!

Ok, the single has gone live on iTUNES etc today. Buy now and we will make a gloriously noisy entry into the rubbish top 40!

The code from iTunes is:
Here’s the TESCOs link
There is also a very nice looking vinyl picture disc seven inch single with Argy Bargy on the b side...from

or check out the video!!!





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