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Ebay Con Artist

Posted on December 7, 2007
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Well Ebay brings further shame onto itself again - no surprise there then!

Here is a con artist who has defrauded at least 36 people: gunner2406 and yet Ebay still let him trade, despite having been told numerous times about his fraudulent activity.
One trick this cretin pulls is to advertise white label records by collectable bands e.g. The Jam, Siouxsie, Depeche Mode and then send any worthless record.
The other con is that he lists lots of worthless records to build up his feedback so that it's not so apparent he's a scum bag.
It's shameful that Ebay have continued to let him trade, but them Ebay is the epitomy of a scum bag corporation that cares only about profit, so I'm not surprised.


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