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Clash first three 7″ original pressings

Posted on June 1, 2010
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Clash White Riot original pressing

I've been asked a few times about original Clash pressings, so here's the clarification about them. The first three singles White Riot, Remote Control, Complete Control were originally released with Copyright Control printed on the labels as at the time the band had no publishing deal. The singles were deleted once they'd fallen from the charts.

As the band became more successful, CBS decided to reissue them, in the interim the band had signed a publishing deal with Nineden Ltd / Riva Music so these details were included on the label.

The first pressings also had the very pronounced sunburst label with a matt finish.

There's at least two later pressingsĀ  of White Riot I'm aware of, the earlier pressing has the bands name written like this: The Clash, the later pressing has it written like this: the CLASH.



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