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Images added to all Billy Idol items

I've finally got round to adding images to all the Billy Idol items on the site. Have to say there have been some lovely different ovesreas releases and a lot of intertesting rarities, although his collectability has definitely downhill in recent years. I think releasing that Xmas album killed his credibility and it's probably time […]

Lots more images to 7″ added

Maybe it's the poor weather, or maybe me being unable to squeeze and more 7" records in the I to R indie/pop/80s/others large box , but yesterday I went through the entire box adding images to all those 7" that didn't have them on the website. Understandbly people like to see images, especially of foreign […]

Foreign Pic Covers Added

Added a lot of foreign pic covers to the database by artists such as Secret Affair, Blondie, Buzzcocks, Stranglers, Siouxsie, Police, Damned, Ultravox, Numan and many more. Nothing especially rare, but most are in lovely condition and these records are certainly becoming much harder to find and this is the first good haul I've had […]

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