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Site update 4th April

Site updated 4th April with nearly 400 new items including a large selection of 90s USA 7" on Sub-Pop, Bag of Hammers, Empty and similar. Next update in a month's time will have plenty of punk 7", Stiff label rarities (mainly promos) and lots of picture disc albums.

Images added to all Grunge items

Finally, all 331 grunge items in the database have images added to them. The section is looking good! Next up will be either the gothic or the industrial sections.

Site updated 5th March

The website has been updated with over 600 new items, which equates to over 10% of the stock having been changed. If you've not checked the site for a while, a lot more of the stock has images added. This month I'll get the imagery added to the last of the grunge items.

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