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Paranoid Visions / U2 controversy makes The Sun

The controversy over the Paranoid Visions video that some fan did using U2's footage rumbles on. It's pretty funny, it's like Negativland all over again.

A short film about Rebellion 2014 Punk Festival

Here's a short film about the 2014 Rebellion Punk Festival with a great soundtrack including Crashed Out's 'Raise Ya Glasses'

In 2016 siteslike VOTN will have to icrease their prices by 20 – 25%

Today, 1st January 2015, all small businesses that sell digital goods or services, even if they sell just 1 euro will have to charge VAT to the customer at the rate charged in the customer's country. Presently in the UK small businesses pay no VAT. This will apply to all sellers across the EU. There […]

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