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Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen” For No.1 on Queen’s B’day – June 7th 2010

Following the phenomenal success of the brilliant "Rage Against The Machine For Xmas No.1" facebook group in 2009, I've decided to start a group for 2010 too. The corporate system manipulated the charts in June 1977 to prevent this song being a no.1 as it would have been a major embarrassment to the queen's silver […]

Xmas Posting Dates

Getting lots of enquiries about turnaround for orders from people buying items for presents. Here's how it works: If your order is paid for before 4pm it can go that day, any later the next day. Saturday it'll need to be paid before 11am or it won't go until Monday. The last delivery is 24th. […]

How Records Got Their Groove Back

Here's a good article that was originally on AARP Magazine's site. Only one point I think he's missed - it wasn't just the sound that that arrtacted people to CDs it was the convenience of them, which waspecially true for cra drivers who used to tape their LPs to play in the car. "They lied […]

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