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Record grooves under an electron microscope

Ever wondered what record grooves look like under an electron microscope? Visit this site and you'll see and also what CD grooves look like. They're quite arty and I found it pretty interesting.

BBC 6 Music to be closed

I'm dismayed and disgusted to hear that BBC6 Music is to be closed. Radio 1 just plays kiddie music these days, since Peel died and Lamacq moved on it's not been worth listening to, Radio 2 is just too conservative, BBC Radio Newcastle plays nothing but oldies, therefore BBC 6 Music became my station of […]

New Record Shop in Rugeley, Staffs

There's a new record shop opening in Rugeley, Staffs in the Brewery Street Shopping Arcade on Monday 8th February. Managed by Chris from Those Old Records it's going to be a vinyl only store covering all genres. It's nice to hear of a store opening rather than closing, so I wish Chris every success with […]

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