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The Singing Man channel on You Tube

The Singing Man aka The Shend from The Cravats has just added a new video Dense Fence Pretence to his barmy YouTube channel. If you've not seen any of his videos, you should, you'll not have seen anything quite like that before. I'm also a big fan of his radio show on Totally Radio. However, […]

Shit Things People Say In Record Stores

Check out the video. I've heard thewm all in my time when I've been in record shops as well. My favourite was a guy trying sell a copy of U2's  The War on vinyl that had a big chip removed from the vinyl. When the assistant said he didn't want itdue to the damage the […]

Campaign To Save The Amazon

I have written to President Dilma of Brazil using the link below, I hope you will as well. This is seriously bad news for the Amazon, its wildlife and climate change. A decade of progress protecting the Amazon rainforest is in serious trouble. The Brazilian agribusiness lobby is on the offensive. They’ve already used their […]

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