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Ebay Con Artist

Well Ebay brings further shame onto itself again - no surprise there then! Here is a con artist who has defrauded at least 36 people: gunner2406 and yet Ebay still let him trade, despite having been told numerous times about his fraudulent activity. One trick this cretin pulls is to advertise white label records by […]

Trading links with other web sites

If any of you have music related web sites and would like to trade links please drop me a line, I'm always looking for sites to exchange links with.

UK Deacy Rising 12″ £4,199!!!!

I think some dealers are quite simply insane. Look at this: UK Decay 'Rising From The Dread' 12" starting price £4,199 on Ebay. Let's be sensible about this, TOP price is say £15 that makes it an incredible 96x overpriced. I think that's a maybe one fot the Guiness Book Of Records. Ha! At least […]

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