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Killed By Death & Bloodstains compilations

Back by popular demand after almost all of the previous shipment sold out, I have copies of the remaining Killed By Death and Bloodstains compilations that remain in print. I can't imagine that there's many people unfamiliar with the Killed By Death series, but it was that series that gave birth to the genre tag […]

Sub-Pop Collection Purchased

VOTN has purchased a large Sub-Pop collection.  Unfortunately there's not any of the valuable early releases, but then there's not many of the mid-period releases that are so common, there's a good selection of the mid-90s releases that I rarely see e.g. Codeine Frigid Stars LP and singles, Pigeonhed LP, Sprinkler More Boy LP, Love […]

Generation X ‘Your Generation’ 1st 7″

Found a copy of the very first and very rare Generation X 7" single Your Generation b/w No No No that the band released themselves in August 1977. The versions are very rough and different to the later Chrysalis versions. I've heard there were only 500 of these, but never seen it documented anywhere.

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