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Madness 7″ promos

Acquired a large selection of 7″ Madness ptomos on the Stiff label. These will appear on the next site update.

Art Of The Noise silver disc

Cracking item this, a BPI silver disc presented to none other than Trevor Horn for 250,000 sales of Art of Noise’s Close (To The Edit) single. Total one off!

Urban Voodoo Machine Plaedhe Campaign

The Urban Voodoo Machine have launched a Pledge campaign for their new album. It’s recorded, the artwork is done but they’re needing funds for manufacture and promotion. There’s a limited vinyl pressing on 100 and you get your name in the credits. I’ve pledged for one! Recommended you grab one now. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/theurbanvoodoomachine for more information.

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