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T-Shirt collection acquired

I've acquired a large T-shirt and sweatshirt collection from a former record shop employee. There's a variety of promotional only shirts by Jesus & Mary Chain, Mute Records, Nick Heyward, Galaxie 500, Birdland, Prong etc. but also many concert shirts from David Bowie, Senseless Things, Mega City Four, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion etc. I particularly […]

Psychobilly & Rockabilly singles acquired

Got a 7" collection of psychobilly, rockabilly and the bands that straddled the two genres, so we have psychobilly bands like: The Meteors, Stingrays and The Esaclators, the more traditional bands like: Whirlwind, Shakin Pyramids and Rhythm Cats and the crossover bands like: Restless, Deltas and Rattlers. It's a good selection and all will on […]

Blur ‘Blurb’ fan club magazines

I'd not had or seen these before but have acquired a set of the Blur fan club magazines. Remarkably good quality and well produced they are as well. It's nice to see fan club publications as professional as this. They'll be on the next newsletter /update.

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