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Soundgarden Wigglin’ Hand promo toy

I love these crazy, unusual promo items. Here's one that I've had since 1987 when it was a competition prize for Soundgarden's Hands All Over single. You put batteries in and it comes to life. Excellent stuff!

Crikey, cassettes galore!

Rummaging through some boxes I'd had for an eternity and I found load of cassettes that I'd forgotten they were there. I'd long considered them a redundant format but they seem to have come back into fashion. Local artists are now doing cassette only singles and there's even Record Store Cassette Day. Hmm, I'm not […]

Rare Clash Books

Acquired some of the rarer books on the Clash, all first editions including the amazing Photographs by Bob Gruen book (pictured), The Last Gang In Town by Marcus Gray and Pennie Smith's Before And After book. Not just Clash but there's the first edition of Sex Pistols File by Ray Stevenson, first edition of  Young, […]

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