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Stiff Little Fingers tour T-shirts

Acquired a nice selection of Stiff Little Fingers tour T-shirts from 2004 through to 2011, mostly unworn. Some nice designs amongst them!

Collection of Plectrums

Acquired some nice plectrums from a roadie, including: Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads, Strokes, Alice Cooper and Idlewild. Very unusual to see these and some have rather nice artwork. They'll be on the next newsletter/update.

Unreleased Fall EP Circa 2001

Here's one I found going back to my days with Voiceprint, it's a Fall EP that never came out. It's 3-tracks circa 2001, that much later evolved into 'Rude All The Time'. Tracks are 'My Ex-Classmate's Kids' (same version), 'Distilled Mug Art' (2:03), 'I Wake Up The City' (3:31) which is not Mix 5. No […]

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