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Feeding Of The 5000 Gig Poster

A number of these posters are still available to buy: Limited Edition hand printed poster by Bracketpress commissioned by Handsignal Recordings & Steve Ignorant for The Feeding of The 5000 Shepherd's Bush Empire 24 & 25th November 2007Letterpress printed using moveable metal type in a variety of faces and line illustration blocks. Two-colour print on […]

Vox Pop ‘Just Like Your Mom’ 7″

I dug out this classic Vox Pop 'Just Like Your Mom' 7" the other day, what an awesome record it is when I found a video for it. Well worth a watch. USA punk at it's best!!

Matt Black & The Doodlebugs ‘Punky Xmas’

Came across this rather dreadful video for the punk novelty 7" by Matt Black & The Doodlebugs. Quite why they should have done this video 30 years after the fact is beyond me. If anyone wants a copy of this dreadful single I have one for sale here. Don't all rush at once!

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