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Captain Sensible Fan Club Magazines

Acquired a full set of Captain Sensible The Universe Of Captain Sensible fan club magazines. These and a lot of other Sensible related magazines will be on the next newsletter and web update.

Neon Hearts ‘Regulations’ 7″

Someone I know rang to say they'd found seven copies of Neon Hearts 'Regulations' 7" in their garage and did I want them? I was round there in a flash. There were only 2000 of these originally, how seven should turn up like this in Newcastle 31 years after its release is a totally bizarre. […]

Chuck Wagon Rock ‘n’ Roll Won’t Go Away 7″

I've always been a huge Dickies fan and getting a copy of Chuck Wagon's solo single recently reminded me how rarely this turns up. It's on purple vinyl and not exactly in a Dickies style, but nevertheless quite good. So I did a Google search and discovered that a Chuck Wagon was originally a wagon […]

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