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Riot City Memorabilia

I've acquired a nice assortment of Riot City memorabilia inc. the above artwork for The Ejected Spirit of Rebellion advert, a sleeve proof for the first Chaos UK LP, the priniting film for theĀ  first Vice Squad single, shop display adverts for: Chaotic Dischord, Abrasive Wheels, Varukers, assorted posters and much more.

Nice Poster Collection

Just picked up a very nice poster collection. There's some beauties in there including: Slaughter & The Dogs Boot Boys, Killjoys Johnny Won't Go To Heaven, Generation X Your Generation, Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 2, Meteors Radioactive Kid, Specials Rat Race and many more. They'll be on the next newsletter/update.

Mrs Wilson’s Children LP

Found one of the rarest minimalist/synth/post-punk compilation LPs 'Mrs Wilson's Children'. From 1981 on Vital Records I think this was their one and only release and limited to just 500. The artists are: Nyam Nyam, Vets, Defectors, Ashtrays, Londdon Boys, Johnny Solo, Blitzkrieg Patrol, Faux Pas, Psycholgic, Cool To Snog, Human Zoo, Sons Of The […]

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