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Fanzine Collection Purchased

Purchased a large fanzine collection from 1981 - 1985. Lots of anarcho punk zines from both the UK, Europe and Scandinavia as well as regular punk zines and some more interesting indie ones. Started adding them to the database but it'll take me several updates to get them all onto the site.

Riot City Memorabilia

I've acquired a nice assortment of Riot City memorabilia inc. the above artwork for The Ejected Spirit of Rebellion advert, a sleeve proof for the first Chaos UK LP, the priniting film for theĀ  first Vice Squad single, shop display adverts for: Chaotic Dischord, Abrasive Wheels, Varukers, assorted posters and much more.

Nice Poster Collection

Just picked up a very nice poster collection. There's some beauties in there including: Slaughter & The Dogs Boot Boys, Killjoys Johnny Won't Go To Heaven, Generation X Your Generation, Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 2, Meteors Radioactive Kid, Specials Rat Race and many more. They'll be on the next newsletter/update.

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