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Punk Lives Magazines

I frequently get asked for this magazine. Not sure why it has taken on such a status in the past few years as it wasn't highly regarded at the time. Admittedly the photographs used are very good and they're a good document of the time. We could do with something like this now! Anyway, pretty […]

Punk flyers

Acquired another collection of flyers. There some USA ones in there, but most are from the north-east, early 80s. There were a few zines and posters in the collection so they'll be getting added as well. Expect all to appear on the next newsletter/update.

Wasps video recently discovered

Recently discovered has been a long lost video of The Wasps performing Run Run Angelica and it's now up on You Tube. Certainly I'd never seen it before and it's great that people are sharing these gems. Whenever something like this appears I always wonder what else is out there that's yet to appear.

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