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Man or Astroman? and Servotron memorabilia

A selection of rare Man or Astroman? and Servotron memorabilia has been acquired including photos, magazines, early T-shirt and some unusualbits and pieces. These will all appear on the next newsletter.  

Hanoi Rocks debut 7″ signed

Here's a rarity, the first Hanoi Rocks 7" I Want You released in 1980 on Johanna ‎(JHNS145) and it's fully signed by all the band including Razzle.

Estrus and Sub-Pop 7″ singles

A large selection of 7" on the Estrus and Sub-Pop labels are being added to the database. Lots of rare singles and almost all are in immaculate condition. The Estrus releases were from the Crust Club so are colour vinyl editions and the Sub-Pop are from the Singles Club so coloured and/or limited editions.

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