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Zounds on WMFU

There's a great live radio session on WFMU here http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/42378

Keith Morris’ new project OFF!

Ex-circle Jerks and Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris has his new project OFF! on tour, and rather good they are as well. Check out their Compared To What video. They're playing seven UK shows including Rebellion and other European dates. Enjoy!

Control ‘He’s A skinhead’ video

Control - my favourite of the current crop of British streetpunk bands have a video for the┬átrack He's A Skinhead from their excellent new album Punk Rock Ruined My Life online now. They've managed to surpass their┬ábrillaint debut album 'Hooligan Rock n Roll' with this one. They're supporting Lars Fredericksen's side project The Old Firm […]

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