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The Jerks ‘Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me’ video

The Jerks 'Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me' one of the greatest songs of the 70s punk rock era, here's a composite video from their 1987 reunion show in London. I was there, they could still cut it. Sadly guitarist Paul Gilbert passed away earlier this year.

The Cravats in session on BBC 6 Music

It's only up there for a week, so pop over to Marc Riley's show and listen to The Cravats perform three rather splendid tracks live in session, which were: XMP, I Am The Dreg, Who's In Here With Me?  

The Trial Of Pussy Riot In Russia

I have the utmost admiration for Pussy Riot, who have taken the spirit of Punk Rock and Riot Grrrls and organised anti-Putin protests, including the now infamous performance in a church that lead to them being arrested and put on trial. This is unquestionably a great injustice and typical of the increasing authoritarianism that Putin […]

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