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Site updated 3rd Feb

The website has just been updated with about 300 new items.

A list of North-East UK Punk & New Wave Bands

A friend is compiling a list of new wave and punk bands 1977 - 1980 from the north-east of England for a project. If anyone can add any to the list below, please contact him at: thinkpinkfairies (at) aol.com Marcus Abused Amazing Space Frogs Angelic Upstarts Arthur-2-Stroke Basczax The Beetles Blitzkrieg Bop The Carpettes The […]

Newsletter mailed 1st February

Newsletter mailed to¬† subscribers, today, 1st February with 352 new items. This update is a bit more 'new wave' and 'indie' than 'punk' and 'hardcore', but there's still a very good selection. The site will probably be updated on Friday with what's left.  

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