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Shit Things People Say In Record Stores

Check out the video. I've heard thewm all in my time when I've been in record shops as well. My favourite was a guy trying sell a copy of U2's  The War on vinyl that had a big chip removed from the vinyl. When the assistant said he didn't want itdue to the damage the […]

Campaign To Save The Amazon

I have written to President Dilma of Brazil using the link below, I hope you will as well. This is seriously bad news for the Amazon, its wildlife and climate change. A decade of progress protecting the Amazon rainforest is in serious trouble. The Brazilian agribusiness lobby is on the offensive. They’ve already used their […]

Talking Heads rarities

A large Talking Heads collection is busily being added to the database. There's many 12", especially foreign releases and promos like the pictured Road To Nowhere USA 2-version 12" promo, 7" singles in gorgeous covers and some rare LPs as well as many spin-off projects by David Byrne and Tom Tom Club. Might take a […]

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