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Gold Blade Tour

The wonderful Gold Blade are touring again in October but not coming to the north-east, so it'll be a trip to Carlisle for me. They are probably the best live band on the circuit and I've seen them many times, never beenĀ  disappointed. Their latest album 'Mutiny' is easily their best, and is available now […]

Newsletter Mailed 19th August

The latest newsletter has been mailed with 464 new items on. There'sc a lot of cheap punk 7" and also some nice psychobilly bits. Anyone on the subscribers list who hasn't received it because their spam filters have got it let me know and I'll send it. I'll update the site with what's left later […]

Psychobilly Vinyl

It's been a while since I acquired some psychobilly records so the selection on the site has gone down considerably. However, I'm pleased to now report that I've finally got some more and have added them to the database, so they'll be on the next newsletter/update. There's a good selection of 7" singles from the […]

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