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Sing Sing Records – Power Pop Reissues

I picked up some nice reissue punk/power-pop singles on a new label called Sing Sing Records.  Some of the bands were known to me like Rudi and  The Tinopeners, others like De Cylinders and Jetz were not. A few years ago there seemed to be a few labels reissuing 7" but they all seemed to […]

A-Bones 7″ collections

I've just added a nice A-Bones collection to the database. A fine band! All singles are mint and they'll be on the next update. I'll be adding more 90s garage in a similar vein in due course.

Gig Tickets For Sale

Acquired some nice gig tickets recently. The collection ranged from punk stalwarts like The Stranglers, Ramones, Jam, Penetration etc. through to the post-punk bands like The Fall, This Heat, Wah, Echo & The Bunnymen to pop bands like: Manic Street Preachers, Numan, Bowie etc. There's quite a few. All will be on the the next […]

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