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Next newsletter

Due to other committments I'm not going to have chance to mail the next newsletter before 1st December. It will be a massive update and will feature many of the Sex Pistols/Bow Wow Wow/ PIL albums and 12" from my recently acquired huge collection, although by no means all of them as I'll be introducing […]

PIL & Sex Pistols LP Collection

I have bought the more comprehensive PIL and Sex Pistols album collection. It's huge! There's multitudes of variations of the various albums, so I have every Greek, Australian, Italian etc. pressing. It's probably going to take more than a year to get all these onto the database but if anyone has any specific wants please […]

Control on Gary Bushell’s podcast

Easily the best of the new crop of the UK streetpunk bands Control were featured on Gary Bushell's latest podcast radio show. They haven't released anything yet but I've heard the album and it's fantastic.

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