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The Bishops Spanish 7″ singles

One of the things I enjoy most about collecting records is when you find singles by obscurer bands released in foreign territories in different sleeves. A prime example of this is two Spanish 7" by British pub rock band The Bishops. Not only were there two 7" singles released but both had different covers and […]

Academy In The UK 2008 Punk Shows

Here's the flyer for the 2008 Academy In The Uk Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle shows. Click on the flyer for a full size version. It's easily the best line-up they've done.

Ramones I Believe In Miracles German Promo 7″

Obtained a copy of the very rare German promo 7" of  Ramones I Believe In Miracles. This will be on the next newsletter. There's also an equally rare promo only 7" of I Wanna Live.

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